Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Emplane: Same as ENPLANE

Enplane: (`ed, `ing), to board an aeroplane

"I enplaned."

"It was necessary for everyone with a ticket to enplane and be accounted for before the crew would prepare for takeoff."

"While enplaning, my scarf was whipped up into the wind and carried out through the door of the plane and up, over the airport."


Memsahib: in India fomerly, a term of address used for a European married woman.

(Man, I would pick a tough one...I'll try a sentence or two.)

"Yes Memsahib."

"Excuse me, Memsahib, you've dropped your hankie."

Grease is the word

Well, not really. My revised blog is dedicated to words. I've decided to pick a word at random from the dictionary and define it, then write something about it.

Pointless, but so am I at the moment.

My method is to flick through and stick my finger in at random.